Hoopes Turf Farm has the best equipment to service your project.
State-of-the art equipment is key.


A state-of-the-art patented drainage process that will enhance playing surfaces damaged by weather, traffic, and poor drainage.


A ten foot wide machine on a 150 hp tractor that digs 8 inches into the ground, burying all stone clods grass, and debris, while leaving the top 3 to 5 inches stone free. This is for small areas or able to cover up to 10 acres a day.

TopCon® Laser System

To get things perfectly level we have a fully automatic Top Con Laser System on our dozer to grade flat and sloped surfaces to within 1/4 on an inch.

WMI® Turf Installer

Our WMI Installer is a rubber-tracked machine that puts low ground pressure on the sod being installed. Therefore we can install a large amount of turf without damaging or compacting the ground. The sod is PA certified and harvested from our own fields. Large rolls laid with the installer care four feet wide.


Portable irrigators for irrigating large areas.

Bobcat® 300 with Rockhound®

(4 wheel steer Bobcat with a 6 foot wide Rockhound) In all-wheel steer mode, that load is gentle on job sites with grass and other established surfaces, where minimal ground disturbance is often a requirement. Tire scuffing is also reduces when working the all-steer mode. The turf friendly all-wheel steer loader reduces and can even eliminate costly and time-consuming rework or repair on a jobsite after the main job is finished.


Large square bale chopper used with our own certified straw.